Undergraduate Journals

The McGill PSA is proud to support two great journals of philosophy:
"Pensées Canadiennes", the Canadian undergraduate journal of philosophy, run out of McGill.
And "Fragments", McGill’s undergraduate journal of philosophy.

Pensées Canadiennes

Pensées Canadiennes, run out of McGill University, is the Canadian undergraduate journal of philosophy. Be on the lookout for their next edition!

Check out their website for archives of past issues and more information about submissions and joining the Pensées team.



McGill’s undergraduate journal of philosophy, Fragments, will soon be accepting submissions for its 2019 edition. The papers can be of any philosophical content and must comply with the following criteria:

* Written in French or English
* Written in a 300 level course or higher
* Have received a minimum grade of A-
* Be less than 18 pages (excluding references)
* Include a short abstract (approx. 5 sentences)

Submissions can be made to fragments.mcgill@gmail.com (note that the email address has changed – please ignore the email address that appears on the journal’s webpage).

Priority will be given to strong and original work. We will keep you updated once the due date is out.

This is a great opportunity to get published at the undergraduate level and contribute to perpetuating the reputation of an established journal.